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AlphaGraphics Celebrates International Print Day 2017

Starting October 18, the digital world will be dedicated to the celebration of a very tangible topic: print media. International Print Day 2017 (#IPD17) is a day meant to recognize the history, evolution, and accomplishment of print media. It’s also meant to show the world that even in a society that’s digitally dominated, there’s simply no replacing print. AlphaGraphics is delighted to be participating in IPD17 this year, as in years past. As one of North America’s and the World’s largest printing service providers, we’re no strangers to just how prolific this industry can be. We’re excited to join forces with students, artists, printers and other print media folks, to show the world the power of print.

A Few Fun Facts About Print

For years we’ve been hearing about print as a dying industry that’s on the brink of diminishing. However, year after year it becomes clearer that print isn’t going anywhere! As we look ahead to International Print Day 2017, here are a few fun facts from 2016 that show just how important print remains and why it continues to thrive:
  • 56% of customers surveyed in 2016 found print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing—more than emails, pop-up ads or any form of digital marketing.
  • Unit sales of print books rose 3.3% in 2016 over the previous year, making it the third-straight year of print growth.
  • One-third of consumer decision-making is based on packaging, making printed products critical to sales across retail and consumer products industries.
  • 226 new print magazines launched in 2016, most focusing on crafts, games and hobbies, as well as lifestyle and pop culture.
  • The commercial print industry shipped $86 billion in product between August 2014 and August 2015, with larger numbers estimated for this same period of 2016, showing ongoing growth and demand.
It’s evident from the stats above—print is continuing to flourish across major markets and mediums. From commercial printing, to print for advertising and marketing, to private sector printing and beyond, there’s simply no substitute for tangible materials.

This Year’s Focus

2017 is the fourth year celebrating International Print Day. With each passing year comes a new theme—a focus on what makes print so special and irreplaceable. The theme this year is a simple one: #PrintUX. It’s all about the experience print provides us with and how it’s so deeply incorporated into our everyday lives. From business cards to books, product packaging to pamphlets and beyond, 2017 is all about recognizing how print makes us feel and the positive impression it leaves on us.

IPD17 Festivities

It’s hard to get print professionals from around the world together all at the same time, in the same place, to recognize the accomplishments of this industry. That’s why we’re taking the internet by storm. There are a number of different digital festivities being dedicated to print in the 24-hour span of the event, and we encourage everyone to take part in them. Here are a couple of can’t-miss ways to participate:
  • Artists, designers and other creatives are encouraged to share their print media works on social media, via the #IPD17 hashtag. Upload photos, mockups and prints of your designs to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms; tag them with #IPD17 and show your feed the power of print!
  • Join leading professionals, industry experts and other high-profile print media contributors for insightful discussion at #PrintChat. This online gathering will be the equivalent of a real-time conference, focusing on the accomplishments, trends, evolutions, and advancements of the print industry. #PrintChat will take place on Twitter at 4pm EST on October 18, as a wrap-up to the event.
As a global purveyor of print products, AlphaGraphics will be participating these events as well! Check out our social media channels and the #IPD17 feed to see examples of amazing print creations we’ve helped our customers design and bring to life!

Celebrate Print With Us

Whether you’re a current purveyor of print products, an artist or just someone who enjoys the beauty and tangibility of printed creations, AlphaGraphics invites you to celebrate International Print Day 2017 with us. Get active on social media starting October 17th and hang out with print lovers worldwide for 24 hours as we shine a light on this wonderful industry! Statistical data taken from:

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