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Are Your Customers Paying Attention to You?

If you want to test whether or not your customers are engaged with you, answer the following questions:
  • How do your customers talk about you? Do you know?
  • Do they call to ask for your opinion or expertise?
  • Do they include you in the decision making or just in the solution?
  • Do you have customers and prospects who are following you on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or your blog?
  • Do they enter contests that you hold?
  • Do they "like” your posts or communicate with comments?
If you answered No to any of the questions above, you have room to improve the depth and importance of your relationship with your customers and prospects. How? Well, great communication starts with good listening and today listening can be accomplished in many different ways. If you have wondered why your business should be using Social Media, this is it. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn create a forum for listening to your prospects and customers. Without even having to ask, you’ll “hear” what customers are saying through their behavior. Comments and “likes” or lack of engagement will start to tell you what is important to your followers and what is not. More importantly you’ll be able to change your communication style quickly to get or to keep them engaged. New marketing tools such as Personalized URLs can include surveys to ask questions and collect data. Marketing technologies that include analytics like websites, and text messaging can give valuable information into what interests your customer and what does not. If you want to communicate better with your customers, you may be wondering where to start. Better communication can be achieved with 2 important strategies. #1 ASK! Ask your customers what they want and need. Ask with new technologies and ask with comment cards and surveys. Even more critical, is that you ask when you are standing in their office, or across the counter from them.
  • Ask them what is important to them?
  • Ask them why they came to you instead of your competitor?
  • Ask them if what you provided was good enough for them to come back again?
  • Ask them how you can make the experience better next time?
  • Take time to listen to your customers. It will show that you care about more than just profits.
#2 EDUCATE! Want to get your customers to listen to you? Tell them something they don’t know.
  • Give them information to make their lives easier, faster or better.
  • Make them look smarter to a boss, colleague or friend.
  • Help them make a decision.
  • Train others on their behalf.
"Great communication starts with good listening and today listening can be accomplished in many different ways."} Education can be accomplished through newsletters, e-publications, videos, blogs, social media and more. These venues help reach customers inexpensively and consistently. When followed up with great customer service and a personal touch, these approaches will help to improve your ongoing communication and ultimately your success.

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