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Finding Success in Email Marketing

Believe it or not, one of the most common forms of online marketing also gets some of the best returns on investment - email marketing. With well over 90% of consumers using email on a daily basis, are you taking advantage of the one medium that people are constantly checking? Through email marketing your company can engage a high number of targets with a strategic message used to promote an idea or prompt action. However, many businesses go about email marketing in a way that is less than effective and can actually create more of an annoyance than anything. So what makes a good email marketing campaign? There are a number of factors: Organically grown lists Having an effective list is probably the most important part of your email marketing campaign. Even if your messaging in spot-on, your subject lines are working and your copy is perfect, you won't have much success if you're not reaching out to the right people. You need organically grown email lists that feature members of your highly targeted audience. Sizzling subject lines When you see an email from a marketer, the subject line helps you decide whether to open it or trash it. If your message has a dull and uninteresting subject, it likely won't get the attention it deserves. If the subject "sizzles" and is action-oriented, however, your conversion rates will skyrocket. To find the best subject lines for your email campaign, test several options to see which ones get the best results. A successful email campaign is an important marketing technique for any business. The ability to reach consumers through a digital medium requires tact and strategy, and when done correctly, can yield high returns. Central themes What is this email about? If there’s a sale, then draft the entire email to focus on how great the sale is! What are the features of the sale? What about the benefits? Where, when and what time is everything happening? If the email has a central theme, you’re less likely to lose people in the confusion and enable more of them to retain the idea. Moderation Being greeted by dozens of messages from the same company is very annoying for most customers. Moderation is key when it comes to email marketing. Make your emails count by focusing on one area of marketing at a time, then space them out over a pre-determined timeline to achieve better results. Incentives, incentives, incentives Incentives reward people for their participation or membership, which in turn enables them to actively take part in your brand. If your email contains a survey, offer an incentive for providing feedback. If it’s a message about a special event or sale, include a coupon. People are drawn to incentives and favor brands that give them something extra. Calls to action One of the most important parts of any marketing campaign is the call to action. A call to action inspires the reader to take part in a brand and identify with its characteristics. When it comes to email marketing, the call to action can be something as simple as a link to your company’s website, a Facebook icon or even a catchy tagline. Without a call to action, however, the entire content of a great email marketing message is wasted. A successful email campaign is an important marketing technique for any business. The ability to reach consumers through a digital medium requires tact and strategy, but when done correctly, can yield high returns. Have you discovered the power of email in your communications? Sources: Marketing Profs

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